Rooms for rent in Palanga. How to choose the right one?

Palanga is one of the most desirable resort towns to choose for a holiday in Lithuania. This is due to its unique microclimate and the variety of activities that can be done in your free time.

During the summer season, you may have a lot of questions when renting an apartment in Palanga. However, this is completely normal – it is not always easy to choose which hotel is the best and most suitable for you. So it’s all about prioritising what you really need. We will do our best to help you. We hope you find this article useful.

Key considerations when choosing hotels:

  • Distance to the beach. If you want to enjoy the beach during the high season, it is important that the distance to the beach is not more than 300 m. Otherwise, the journey to the beach, especially during the heat, can be longer and more uncomfortable. Especially if you are travelling with small children.
  • It is essential to check the number of beds in the apartment. And what equipment is in the rooms. This includes furniture, appliances, parking space, outdoor furniture, barbecues or other important details that can ensure a good stay.
  • Price. It is necessary to compare different offers from hotels of a similar level. Don’t forget to ask about additional services that can increase or decrease the total cost of the apartment. Services such as laundry, parking and others.
  • Internal rules for holidaymakers. These include quiet hours, rules for the use of common areas. We recommend that you check with the management before choosing a hotel. Families prefer quieter hotels and young people prefer places where noise is tolerated.
  • General décor and apartment space. It is very important that the apartment meets your expectations. That is, its space, equipment and furnishings must be consistent with the type of apartment you have booked.
  • Friendly service. This is how professional and comfortable you are with the service and all the information you need to help you book the apartment.
  • We recommend that you read the reviews of the property online and on TripAdvisor. It is also worth contacting the hotel directly to discuss any questions you may have and to familiarise yourself with the resort.

Book your apartment as early as possible!

The season in Palanga starts at the end of May and lasts until mid-September. Booking periods may vary from resort to resort. The minimum rental period is 2 nights.

Hotel occupancy in the Seaside is particularly high during the summer holidays. These are St John’s Day, Mindaugas and Žolinas, when there are long weekends. And if the weather is good on those days, it becomes simply overcrowded. Palanga is full of tourists and most of the apartments can be booked a couple of weeks before you arrive. It’s not for nothing that there is a well-known proverb: “first come, first served“.

Delaying booking can increase the price of your apartment as demand increases. So if you want to know exactly how many apartments we have available and booked for a certain period, please contact us directly.

Please provide all the necessary details at the time of booking:

Once you have a first impression of an apartment you like, you need to think about the further information you will need to provide to the receptionist. This includes your ID and payment method.

Basic information:

  • Identity document. That is, your identity card or passport.
  • Payment method. This can be a bank card, cash, bank transfer. Cryptocurrency, WesterUnion or PayPal transfers are also available.

Important! If you contact the hotel directly, it will be easier for the receptionist to confirm your reservation. This is important in case the resort has low availability.

Caution! Scammers are rampant!

Some holidaymakers are looking to save money by choosing cheaper accommodation alternatives with private people who advertise through Facebook groups. Often these are online scams, trying to swindle you out of your money without offering you any accommodation.

Don’t be tempted by cheap offers! And if you are choosing an apartment from a private person, check carefully. Avoid transfers for unclear purposes and fake profiles. It’s not for nothing that there is a saying – “the greedy pay twice“.